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Autumn 🍂 Interiors Inspiration  

Blog Post September 2022

Here in Western Europe, sitting on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, we in Ireland are seeing the first Autumnal signs….

So it’s time to build the Log pile, gather kindling sticks, light the candles 🕯 and transform our interiors for the coming season.

I personally love to use Antique and Vintage pieces in my Autumnal home styling, our home is an old country cottage in a Rural area and this style really suits the house.

I tend to lean towards a typical English or Irish  Country House aesthetic .

A lot of our interior is styled around this look, so lots of Horsey artworks, Floral and Ornithology themed lighting and decorative ceramics, antique floor rugs,( nothing too precious) with Dogs and Cats calling it home too 😁

I add texture with Wool or Silk Throws and Blankets for snuggling up on cosy sofas.

Metal candlesticks in Brass or Copper, Trays with mirrored base’s and metal frames all add to the atmosphere.


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Our Latest Blog Entry

March 30th 2022

Welcome…. You are very welcome to our 1st Blog post here at SOHOANTIQUESIRL….

We currently have in stock some Antique Limoges Porcelain that is just beautiful 😍 

Delicate and elegant, these fine porcelain pieces have been preserved down through the generations and are lovely to use on special occasions.

Many clients are now taking special care and attention to detail when composing their table settings for special events, Antique and Vintage Porcelain and Tablewares are a perfect way to elevate the occasion. These pieces also make unique and special gifts for friends and family and can become the family heirlooms of the future.

If you already own some of these beautiful pieces, please don’t hide them away in a cupboard for fear of using them. Enjoy them, show them off and take pleasure in them every day.

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